after you've booked

After You’ve Booked a Cruise

So you’ve found and booked the perfect cruise. Now comes the fun part!

All major cruise lines will give you access to a cruise personaliser. With your booking reference and personal details, you will be able to log in and access your cruise planner!

This easy to use system will give you the opportunity to plan your cruise:

Spa Treatments

You will be able to view the range of spa treatments available on board and prebook that massage you’ve been longing for!

Dinner Reservations

Aside from the main restaurants, cruise ships also have speciality restaurants, often inspired by celebrity chefs. These are very popular and give you the chance to experience something a little different whilst onboard. Your cruise personaliser will give you the option to reserve a table for your chosen night. (A cover charge usually applies)

Destination Information

The Cruise personaliser will give you information about the itinerary you have chosen and information about each port you are calling at. Often this will include things such as languages, currency, visa and health info etc.

Shore Excursions

The cruise personaliser will allow you to view and book Shore Excursions, these are often booked up quickly so it is recommended to prebook.

Special Requests

If you have any special requests, such as dietary needs or cabin requests, you can add these to your booking using your personaliser

Add Passenger Information

Cruise lines will need to know your passport details, Travel Insurance details and contact information for a next of kin. These details can all be added via the Cruise Personaliser. With some cruise lines, you will be able to add your credit card details for your onboard account, this will save you time when checking in at the cruise terminal.

Flight Details

If your cruise includes a flight, you will be able to view your flight details and if possible, select seats on the flight.

Gifts & Services

You are able to purchase gifts or extra services for your cruise, such as internet access, champagne breakfasts and many other little touches that will add a further touch of luxury to your cruise. All of these can be purchased through your Cruise Personaliser.

Luggage Labels and Tickets

The cruise personaliser will allow you to download and print luggage labels which display your cabin number and also your etickets which you will need to check in at the cruise terminal.