shore excursions

Shore Excursions

Shore excursions are organised trips and tours that are available to book months in advance of your cruise. They are a very popular way of seeing the best attractions on your cruise itinerary. Often organised by the cruise line, there is a great deal of choice for each port you visit.

Guided Tours

This will often include transport to a few different points of interest, and you will be guided by an experienced tour leader, as the time you have in each port is quite limited, this allows you to see all of the best attractions in a short amount of time.

Transport Entrance Tickets

These packages will usually include transport to a specific attraction and entrance tickets. For example, if your ship is docked on the Italian Coast, you may book an excursion including coach travel into Rome and tickets to visit the Colosseum.

Events Tickets

Your cruise ship may be docked in a port when a special event is going on, most cruise lines will offer excursions which will include tickets to these events.

“On Your Own” Excursions

You also have the option to book a return coach transfer to the city, for example if you docked in Zeebrugge, you will be able to book an excursion called “Bruges on your own” – which is essentially a return coach transfer to and from Bruges from the Cruise ship. This allows you to explore city at your own pace.

When should I book my excursions?

Always book early to avoid disappointment, some excursions are more popular than others, and these will sell out quite quickly.

Where can I book my excursions?

You can book and pay for your excursions online via your Cruise Personaliser. You can also book your excursions on board the ship and use your on board spend if you have any, but this is subject to availability.

Do I have to book Excursions?

Although they are a great way to get the most from each port you visit, they aren’t compulsory. You can simply get off the ship and do your own thing if you are feeling confident enough, however, it is your responsibility to make sure you are back at the cruise port in time for departure!