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Add a Touch of Luxury to your Airport Experience from just £13.50!

For most of us, the airport experience is the worst of the holiday. After a lot of walking, lengthy queues and the stress of going through security, the last thing we want to do is scour the departures area for a seat amidst the chaos, or to find a table in one of the many overpriced restaurants.

Booking into an airport lounge will change the way you travel forever. Once you have passed through security, you are free to head straight to your chosen lounge, where you will find a comfortable seating area in a calm, relaxing environment. The majority of lounges will provide you with a meal and snacks throughout your stay, as well as an open bar serving a range of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Most lounges will also offer complimentary newspapers and magazines as well as free Wi-Fi, plenty for you to do whilst waiting for your flight.

Lounge Pass

For the nervous traveller, an airport lounge is the perfect way to calm your nerves before your flight, taking you away from the chaos of the airport. Lounges also feature live departure screens, keeping you up to date with your flight’s schedule.

With so much to offer, you would think airport lounges are very highly priced. Well this is no longer the case, at some airports you can pay as little as £13.50 for lounge access, which compared to how much you could pay for a meal and a couple of drinks in the airport is very good value for money.

If you’re planning a romantic break away, an airport lounge is a great way to add that little VIP touch to really make your partner feel special!

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Lounge Pass