The Secret Rule to Save Hundreds of Pounds on your Flights

There are two types of travellers. Business and leisure.

Business travellers often have their work trips dictated by their employers, meetings and many other factors. Their time at home is precious and most of them won’t want to spend their weekends away in another country.

Often, business travellers will need to fly at very short notice and will pay whatever fare is quoted and airlines are very aware of this and will often aim to maximise their profits by charging business travellers the highest fares, knowing that most will not want to include a weekend stay on their business trip.

On the other hand, us leisure travellers have the luxury of being able to choose which day we fly and this will often be dictated by the best priced day to travel.

By simply staying in your chosen destination on a Saturday night, you could save yourself hundreds of pounds on your airfare.

To put this to the test, we searched for return flights to New York from London.

The first search was flying on a Sunday for a three night stay. The cheapest fare quoted for a direct flight was £991.

The second search was flying from London to New York the day before to include a  Saturday night as part of a three night trip. The cheapest fare quoted for a direct flight was £359.

As you can see, staying a Saturday night has saved over £600 per person on the airfare!

The Saturday night rule generally applies to scheduled flights, especially long haul. The surge in low cost airlines has meant that this rule has faded out for short haul flights across Europe, although it’s always worth checking both options to get the best price!

The fares quoted above were correct as of the 23 October 2016 using a flight consolidator and are used purely as an example for comparison and not as an offer of availability.