The Secrets to Cheaper Flights

Everything and anything can affect the cost of a flight ticket, fares can vary immensely from day to day so what are the secrets to getting the best air fare possible?

Time of the Year

The obvious times to avoid in order to get cheaper fares are school holidays and bank holiday weekends. These will always be busier times to fly as more and more people look to get away and inevitably fares will increase as a result of the popularity.

Days of the Week

Airfares can vary from day to day, so always try and be flexible when searching for flights, check a few days either side of your desired dates to get the best fare. Most of the time, midweek flights can be cheaper as most Business Travellers will fly Monday to Friday, meaning midweek flights are likely to be quieter and therefore airfares will be lower. Including a Saturday night in your stay can save you a lot of money.

Time of the Day

If you’re flying from a large international airport, you are likely to have the choice of several flights on any given day. The times of the flights can have a big impact on fares. If you are flying to a typical holiday resort such as the Canaries you should find that early morning and late night flights are cheapest, this is because holidaymakers will prefer to take a more civilised flight during the day.

If however, you are flying to a Business Destination such as the United States or a major City in Europe, you should find the complete opposite applies. Most business travellers will fly early in the morning in time for meetings and will fly back late at night. Therefore, flying during the day should be a cheaper option.

Book in Advance

Airlines charge a lot more for “last minute bookings” as they know people will reluctantly pay them. Business travellers will often need to travel at short notice and will pay the fares to get to their meetings. Therefore, you are less likely to get a cheap last minute deal when booking flights. The cheapest seats on a flight are usually released first, which can be around 11 months before travel, once these sell out, the fares will keep increasing the closer it gets to take off.

Fly into Different Airports

Many low cost airlines fly into smaller airports just outside of your chosen destination as these are often cheaper to operate in and out of, the airlines then pass these savings onto you, making your fares cheaper. For example, fly into Girona instead of Barcelona.

Christmas and New Year Flights

The Christmas and New Year period has to be one of the busiest times for airlines, with people travelling all over the world to spend the festive season with friends and family. Airfares tend to soar in price in the second week of December right through until the second week of January. If you’re planning a break away over this period, it’s advisable to book well in advance to get the best possible fares. You may find a few cheap deals going on Christmas Day or Boxing day as these are typically quieter days to travel for obvious reasons.