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Take the stress out of your airport transfer

When it comes to adding transfers to our holiday bookings, most of us will go for the cheapest option which is often coach transfers.

You’ve worked hard all year and now it’s your turn to relax and enjoy your holiday. There are many ways to improve your holiday experience without breaking the bank. Taking a taxi to your hotel instead of a shared coach transfer can add a little bit of VIP treatment to your holiday.

A taxi transfer will get you on your way as soon as you are ready unlike a coach transfer where you will be sat waiting in the car park for everybody else to arrive in on different flights. The whole experience will be more comfortable, in an air conditioned car which is certain to be more relaxing than being stuck on a hot and often dated coach.

A taxi will cost slightly more than taking the coach transfer, however, it will get you to your hotel much quicker and will allow you to check in at your hotel before everyone else arrives in their coach loads.

A rough estimate of the price you could expect to pay is easily found online and is definitely worth considering to add a touch of luxury to the start of your holiday.

You could be sat by the pool sipping on a cocktail before everyone else has even left the airport!

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