Top 10 Tips for a Cheaper Holiday!

When it comes to booking a holiday, we all want the best price!

The internet can be a daunting place when booking a holiday, hundreds of different sites all claim to give you the very best deal.

Here are our top ten tips to save money on your holiday booking!

1. Use Discount Codes

Most holiday companies offer discount codes to help you save money on your booking. However, these aren’t automatically added to your basket, you will have to enter the codes yourself to get the discount. Make sure you don’t miss out by checking out our discount codes page!

2. Be flexible with your dates

Holiday prices can vary dramatically day by day. Therefore, try and allow a little bit of flexibility in your travel dates. There’s no golden rule for holiday packages, it all comes down to supply and demand – if there are only a few seats left on the plane or a couple of hotel rooms left, prices are likely to be higher than if there were hundreds left to fill! Most websites will allow you to check a few days either side of your departure date – this could save you hundreds of pounds!

3. Fly from larger airports

Although our smaller, local airports are more convenient, the larger international airports are often much cheaper to fly from. This is because there is a lot more choice available to you, and a lot more competition between holiday companies. This means they are likely to lower their prices in order to get your booking.

Of course, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons. If you are only saving £100 by flying from an airport two hours away from you, it’s likely to cost you more than that in petrol and parking. The obvious choice would be to pay the extra and fly from your local airport. However, if you’re saving a lot more, it may be worth it!

4. Visit “unpopular” destinations

You may have guessed it by now, if something is selling well – prices go up. If something isn’t selling too well, prices come down. This is certainly the case with holiday destinations. It’s no secret that Turkey is an unpopular place to travel to at the moment, but have you seen the prices? You can get a 5* All Inclusive hotel with everything included at a bargain price!

5. All Inclusive vs Self Catering

Since the referendum last year, the pound has slumped to an all time low against the euro and as a result, your spending money will cost you quite a bit more. Obviously, an all inclusive holiday will cost you more than a self catering one when you come to book it, however,  by the time you’ve added up the cost of meals and drinks, the all inclusive option may look more appealing!

6. If you find a bargain, book it!

Holiday prices and availability can change in the blink of an eye. If you find a bargain online, book it! If you leave it a few days whilst you decide, the prices could go up or the rooms/flights could disappear! If you’ve set yourself a budget, and the holiday you have found comes in under that budget – don’t hesitate – book it!

7. Free Child Places

Many holiday companies offer Free Child Places. This is a great way to get a bargain on your family holiday! These often sell out quickly during school holidays, therefore, it’s best to secure your holiday as soon as possible to get the best deal! To view holiday companies offering Free Child Places please click here.

8. Low Deposits

Although a low deposit isn’t going to make your holiday any cheaper, it can certainly take the stress away from paying for it. Booking a holiday with a low deposit can help you secure your dream holiday without breaking the bank! Low deposits are available from £25 per person!

9. Get the best deal on your currency

With the foreign currency rates so low at the moment, it’s very important that you get the best deal!

Our currency page will give you our top tips!

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